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We attach a great deal of importance to carefully maintaining both an interdisciplinary and interpersonal balance when putting together the ATÖLYE community. It’s very important for us to talk face-to-face with everyone who’s interested in being a part of the community so that we can understand what their expectations are, how they work best, what they want out of the next phase of their life, how they can benefit from our community, and also what sorts of things they can bring to the table here.

After you fill out the form, we would like to have coffee with you at ATÖLYE!
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Working in a creative and healthy atmosphere, meeting people from different fields, using tools and equipment at makerlab... etc.

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Our membership models have a minimum contract duration of 6 months.

ATÖLYE has partnerships with many likeminded creative hubs all around the world.
Is there any place abroad that you would like to go and work from there in next six months?

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From which source did you hear about us?

From who did you hear about us?

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A workshop or seminar related with your field, an event you would like to organise; tools and equipment for common usage... etc.

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What subjects can you help people with?

Software development, illustration, business development, making cake, making cocktail etc.
What subjects would you need support on?

Product design, brand communication, playing ice hockey, etc.
What do you like to do?

Yoga, skateboarding, drumming, camping, etc.
(If any) What is your dream project?

Raise drone maids to serve, creating a photo blog about the elephants do a handstand etc.
Thank you for your interest in ATÖLYE, we will get respond to your application as soon as possible.We hope to have you here!
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